Toy Fair 2010: 10 Cool New Toys for the Grade School Set

For those who have never been to Toy Fair, the Toy Industry Association's annual New York trade show, try to imagine the biggest toy store on the planet. Then imagine something much, much bigger. Now, fill it with toys from huge companies such as ...

4-year-olds get Cosmo-style 'happiness tests' at school

How responsible are schools for the psychological well-being of their students? That's the debate in the UK, where pupils as young as 4 will now be given "happiness tests" -- self-help questionnaires similar to those found in Cosmo and other women's ...

Deer crash into elementary classroom

I guess even the deer in Kansas want to go to school, and Frances Willard Elementary school seemed as good as any. A deer came crashing through the classroom windows of an occupied fifth-grade class. The teacher got the students out of the classroom...


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