Grandparents Day 

Grandparent Rights in the Spotlight

Michael Jackson's untimely death that led to his 79-year-old mother, Katherine Jackson, being granted full custody of his three children has brought the grandparent rights controversy to a national level. Questions surrounding the decision, whic...

Grandparent Rights - The Legacy of Troxel v. Granville

If grandparents in traditional families sometimes feel neglected, those who are part of troubled family units suffer even more so. Amy Goyer, grandparenting and family columnist for the AARP, told ParentDish that divorce is not the only factor heatin...

Grandparent Rights - Grandparents Day Emerges

During the same year Victor was fighting for grandparents' rights in Michigan, a West Virginia housewife named Marian McQuade decided it was time to honor the elderly living in nursing homes and encourage grandchildren to seek the wisdom of the senio...

Grandparent Rights - State-by-State Rulings

States differ on their criteria for granting grandparents visitation and the National Committee of Grandparents for Children's Rights keeps track of state rulings on the issue, which is summarized here. Since 2001, several states have ruled on the is...

Grandparent's Day is tomorrow

Tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of Grandparent's Day, a somewhat unknown holiday that always falls on the Sunday after Labor Day. According to the day's official website, Grandparent's Day was started by a woman named Marian McQuade, now 91, who wan...

Sunday is National Grandparent's Day

Although I am Ellie's grandmother, I don't really identify myself as such. She lives in my home and I care for her just like I did my own daughter. Plus I am only 42-years-old. So don't call me grandma. Except for on Sunday, when it is National Grand...


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