Do You Search Your Child's Bedroom?

Are you wondering what to look for when you search your child's bedroom? New York State Senator Eric Adams wants to show you. Literally show you. On YouTube. Here's the video: Who says government officials aren't looking out for us? Adams, ...A New York politician says that children have no legal right to privacy while they live in your home.

Should Doctors Be Banned From Asking Parents if They Own Guns?

One Florida lawmaker says whether or not parents have guns at home is none of their doctor's business. Credit: Getty Images A Florida politician has introduced a bill that would ban doctors from asking parents if they own guns. ABC New...A Florida politician has introduced a bill that would ban doctors from asking parents if they own guns.

Should High School Students Be Searched for Guns?

Backpack contents: Homework, lunch and ... gun? Credit: Getty Images Two students were shot at Gardena High School in Los Angeles. But this wasn't another Columbine. The shooting was an accident -- a fellow classmate had a gun in his b...Should students have to pass through metal detectors or undergo some kind of weapons check before entering school?

Adoption Agencies Banned From Asking Parents About Guns

A new bill, passed by the Florida Legislature and awaiting the governor's signature, bans adoption agencies from inquiring about potential parents' gun possessions, The Miami Herald reports. Only two lawmakers voted against the bill in the Senat...

NRA: Stop Asking Adoptive Parents About Guns

A family looks at a gun during the National Rifle Association of America's annual meeting in Louisville, Ky. Credit: Getty Images
The National Rifle Association is pushing a new bill that would prevent adoption agencies in Florida from asking p...

Gun Safety - Do You Ask About Weapons Before a Playdate?

Parents rarely send their kids off for a play date without knowing a little about the host family. After all, it's important to make sure your kids are in a safe and friendly environment. But while it's pretty common to ask about pool safety or pets...

Beware the Sound of Games

If you've got teens who are big into video games, especially shoot-em-ups, you might want to suggest they turn the sound down while they're playing. It seems two young men in Denmark were playing a violent video game on their Playstation recently and...

Mom Finds Bullet in Baby's Diaper

When her baby started crying during a midnight service at a Memphis church, Jewell Anderson tried to soothe her with a pacifier. But when the baby continued to scream, she took her into another room to change her diaper. Imagine her surprise when ...

Georgia Lets Tweens Hunt Unsupervised

America is a country that likes its guns, and in many rural and suburban areas this is prime hunting season. Some are asking when -- and if -- it is permissible to take the kids with you when you don your camouflage and hang out in the duck blind. ...

Teen shot over toilet paper prank

Back when I was a kid, the worst thing that could happen if you got caught toilet papering a house was a call to your parents. Times have changed and the risks of childish pranks have changed with them. On Sunday, a 14-year-old was shot while he and ...

Dad teaches kid how to assemble rifle in 15 seconds

Ah, kids these days. And their parents too. I remember when I was a kid trying to impress people by getting my room clean as quickly as possible or hitting a badminton birdie farther than my dad. Clearly, as an eleven-year-old I had nothing on the ...

Tasers in the classroom?

Tasers have gotten a lot of bad press lately, what with over-zealous use by some members of the law enforcement community. In fact, I'm not sure there really could be anything but bad press about the devices which use electricity to shock a target in...

Preschooler investigated for threatening his friends

I don't know why the teachers at The Family Development Center at University of Colorado would take away a child's pillow right before nap time, but for some reason they did. And the child who lost his pillow was not happy. In fact, 4-year-old Kyle k...

Maddox Jolie-Pitt loves war

There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to letting kids play with toys guns. Some parents see it as no big deal and shootouts in the living room don't phase them in the least. Others are horrified by the very idea of children pretend...

A treehouse full of guns

I've been wanting to build a treehouse for my kids for quite a while now, but after reading this story I think there's one feature I'm definitely going to add -- a lock. A father in Florida went out to check on the treehouse he'd built for his daught...


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