Many Kids Stop - Whoa, Dude! - Showering After Gym Class

Teens can shower if they want to. But they'll leave their odor behind. Credit: Getty Does your kid come home smelling like he's got a dead squirrel tucked in his armpit? Do you run to the laundry hamper and inhale a week-old gym sock...Roses are red. Violets are blue. Please shower after gym because, really, P.U.!

Parents Can Sue Schools for Skipping Gym Class, Court Rules

Although childhood obesity is rising at an alarming rate, many school districts are minimizing physical activity. Credit: Yuri Gripas, AFP/Getty Images
In an ironic turn of events, schools are now getting in trouble for skipping gym class. Acc...
According to a ruling this week by the California Court of Appeals, parents can take their children's public schools to court to force them to provide the minimum amount of physical education required under state law.

Pump it Up: Strength Training New Trend for School Gym Classes

Forget doing burpees, running a mile or learning about soccer. Today's tweens prefer weight lifting with their PE classes. Credit: Getty Images
Swimming, volleyball and track and field? As far as phys ed classes go, those sports are, like, so 1...
This sememster's schedule: English, chemistry, history and weight training.

Bad Phys. Ed. Teachers Can Turn Kids Off Fitness For Life

The gym teacher has always gotten a bad rap in pop culture. From Billy Bob Thornton's sadistic Mr. Woodcock to Glee's cold-hearted cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, phys. ed. instructors are often depicted as mean and monstrous figures who scream ins...

PE gets an update

Education has become decidedly less stuffy since schools and administrators have realized there are others ways for students to demonstrate mastery of a topic besides just writing a report on it. Kids now do things like writing a play about Benjamin ...

Russian nursery's take on extreme fitness

Imagine putting your kids into kindergarten, only to find out that teachers are stripping your kids down and forcing them to run in the snow...practically naked. Then, just to toughen them up a little bit, they pour a bucket of cold water on their he...

P.E. classes focusing on individual activities

Remember the days of gym class, where if you weren't particularly athletic or in the mood to participate, you could just get out in dodgeball and spend the rest of the class sitting in the bleachers talking to friends? Well, those days are gone. Phy...

Gym teacher attacks students

It seemed like a normal gym class for 5th graders at Pico Rivera Meller Elementary School -- until they crossed paths with a nutcase, and were attacked. The students were running laps, and in doing so, ran through another teachers' first-grade physi...

Schools should increase kids' physical activity

The American Heart Association recently recommended that schools lead the way to ensure that all children and youth participate in adequate physical activity during the school day. The policy and specific practice recommendations were: Schools s...

Another gym teacher accused of bribery

In February I told you about Terence Braxton who accepted bribes from his phys ed students who wished to skip participating in gym activities at a Florida middle school. It seems the bribery was happening with other teachers at the same school as wel...


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