10 Halloween Costumes for Twins, Triplets and More

A bumble-bee and lady bug on Halloween! Credit: Getty Images
Choosing a creative, cute, but not too expensive -- or labor-intensive -- Halloween costume can be a bit of a chore. And for moms of multiples, the challenge is doubled, tripled, qu...
Choosing a creative, cute, but not too expensive -- or labor-intensive -- Halloween costume can be a bit of a chore. And for moms of multiples, the challenge is doubled, tripled, quadrupled or more.

Hollywood Halloween Costumes: Get Your Kids Ready for Their Close-Ups

Does your little princess want to dress up like Princess Tiana this year? Credit: Party City
Grab those popcorn balls and turn down the lights; it's time to take in as many movies and as much pop culture as you can. Because if you need a little i...
Still haven't found a Halloween costume for your kid? Check out these straight-from-Hollywood ideas.

Are Some Halloween Costumes Too Scary?

Leave the fake axes to the adults. Credit: Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images
When my mother took me to see "Burnt Offerings" at the vulnerable age of 8 and "The Shining" at 12, instead of leaving the theater traumatized, I developed a healthy,...
These days, a trip through the Halloween costume section of any drugstore, mall, or website reveals something absolutely sinister.

Go Green, Save Cash With National Costume Swap Day

Looking for a way to come up with an amazing costume for your child this Halloween that won't leave you living on candy corn and popcorn balls til your next paycheck arrives? Or just want to do your part to help raise a little eco-awareness in yo...Green is the new black this Halloween.

Trick-or-Treaters Want Princess and Spider-Man Costumes This Halloween, Poll Says

Princesses, witches and pirates are set to rule this Halloween. Credit: Getty.
More than two thirds of kids already know what they want to be on Halloween. And, no big surprise there, most girls want to to princesses. About 4.3 million kids wi...
Girls are loving princess costumes so much this Halloween season, it's scary.

Baby Lady Gaga Costume Sure to Be Hot for Halloween

Maybe skip the meat costume this Halloween. Credit: Mark Ralston, AFP / Getty Images
Does your baby have a poker face? Is she the product of a bad romance? Does she feel the desire to just dance? Is her nickname Baby GooGoo? Does her best fri...
Does your baby have a poker face? Is she the product of a bad romance? Does she feel the desire to just dance? Maybe your baby should be Gagafied for halloween.

Mad Hatter Costumes Make a Comeback

Mad Hatter costumes are generating a buzz this year. Why the sudden interest in a character from a book written in 1865? This Mad Hatter costume craze may have something to do with an upcoming film based on Lewis Carroll's book "Alice's Adventures in...

Tween Wants Sexy Halloween Costume

Dear AdviceMama: My daughter is 10 years old and wants to be a fair maiden for Halloween. She fell in love with a costume in a catalog two months ago and insists it was meant for her. She's dreamt about it, talked about it and has even shown it to...

Have a Sexy Halloween: Lolita Costumes for Young Girls

Every year around this time, moms of young girls and teens go through a relatively new Halloween ritual: Steering our daughters away from the increasingly sexy costume choices in stores, catalogs and online costume Web sites. This wasn't always th...

Halloween Thriller: Officially Licensed Michael Jackson Costumes

Watch for the King of Pop to come trick-or-treating this Halloween. Credit: Getty Images
Off the wall numbers in lookalikes expected. October 31st may be Michael Jackson's biggest comeback ever. If you look at the Man in the Mirror and se...

Jesus costume deemed too offensive for school

Alex Woinski says his friends often tell him that his long hair makes him look a lot like Jesus Christ. So when it came time to choose a costume for his school's Halloween celebration, he went with the obvious. He donned a crown of thorns, a fake bea...

Do you skip work on Halloween?

My daughter Sara is going to preschool dressed as a fairy (or Tinkerbell or a princess or whatever she decides she is at the moment). She'll show off her costume to her friends and they'll show their costumes, and then they'll all wander up and down ...

Trick or treating safety tips from CPSC

Halloween is supposed to be a little scary, but nobody wants a frightening trip to the emergency room on the big night. To help you avoid that, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission wants to remind parents that there are hidden dangers in the spo...

Halloween treat bags for the other kids?

My wife is a first grade teacher and as such generally prepares Halloween treat bags for her students containing, pencils, erasers, and, yes, a few sweets. Some of her students, however, do not celebrate Halloween and their parents opt to have them n...

Halloween guilt trip

For the past few weeks,my husband has been working nearly around the clock on a big project at work. Leaving early in the morning, coming home late at night and spending weekends with his nose to the grindstone at the kitchen table. Because of the ob...


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