Should Health Insurers Be Required to Offer Free Contraceptives?

It's unclear whether the health care bill includes free contraceptives. Credit: Getty Images The health care bill is a hot topic these days, and a story in The New York Times today says that the bill requires health insurers to cover "...When it comes to the health care bill, the question is whether or not "preventive health services" includes contraceptives and other family planning services for women.

Experts Debating Whether Insurance Should Cover Infertility Treatments Under New Law

Should health insurance cover infertility treatments? Credit: Getty Today, most couples undergoing infertility treatments are paying out of their own pockets, but experts at the Institute of Medicine are taking a closer look at the new...Experts are looking into coverage for infertility treatments under the new health care laws.

Obama Gives National Support to Working Moms Who Breast-Feed

Obama is calling for appopriate accommodations for breast-feeding moms to pump at the office. Credit: Getty It's not easy being a working mom who wants to breast-feed and transition back into the workplace. Office spaces rarely are con...Obama asked the federal government to establish new guidelines for all federal employees, no matter their status.

You Can Insure Just Your Child ... for a Price

Sorry, kid, no individual insurance policy for you. Credit: Getty Images
Slowly, the man in the pinstripe suit raised the corners of his mouth in a self-satisfied smile. "Yeeees," he said as he rubbed his hands together. "You can have your pre...
Obama administration strike what some call a Faustian bargain with insurance companies, because the devil's in the details.

Insurance Companies Find Loophole, Leaving Sick Kids Without Coverage

Insurance companies are doing away with individual policies for children. Credit: Getty Images
This was supposed to be the week when a new federal law kicks in, banning insurance companies from denying individual policies for children with a hist...
This was supposed to be the week when a new federal law kicks in, banning insurance companies from denying individual policies for children with a history of health problems.

Young People Could Fall Through Cracks in Health Care Reform

In your early 20s and worried about losing medical coverage? Maybe you should be. Credit: Getty Images
Under federal health care reform, young people can stay on their parents' medical insurance until age 26. Cool? Well, you may want ...

'Melanie's Law' Benefits Research into Postpartum Depression

Her baby was just three months old when Melanie Stokes threw herself from the 12th floor of a Chicago hotel. The 39-year-old suffered from postpartum psychosis, and little was known about the condition when Stokes killed herself in 2001. Now, Co...

Amazing Mom: Lorna Stuart

Lorna Stuart, flanked by her supportive sons, Sam, left, and Nate, is all about making uninsured people healthy. Credit: Courtesy of Lorna Stuart
Amazing Mom: Lorna Stuart, who founded The Clinic, a nonprofit medical facility for the uninsured ...

Mother Gets Friendly Note - From the President of the United States

Stamped signature? Not on this letter. Credit: Courtesy of
You pick up the mail, and it's the same old stuff. Bills, bills, bills, credit card offer, letter from the President of the United States.
What?! Tiffany Smith d...


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