Hello Kitty Necklace Maker

Now your daughter can make her own jewelry (without beads spilling everywhere). Credit: Toys R Us Got a crafty kid on your hands? She already knows the only thing more fun than wearing cool jewelry is wearing cool j...Make your own colorful jewelry with this necklace maker.

Giveaway: Hello Kitty Puzzle Tin

Get puzzled with Hello Kitty. Credit: Ravensburger Win a Hello Kitty Playing with Purses Puzzle Tin from Ravensburger to give to your little princess. This pretty-in-pink round tin contains a 300-piece 2D puzzle. Once the puzzle is c...This pretty-in-pink round tin contains a 300-piece 2D puzzle.

Barbie Banned in West Virginia?

It's such a shame that, after 50 years, yet another Barbie boycott is on the horizon. Sure, generations of parents have refused to forgive the doll's blatant disregard for real women's figures. But here's one lawmaker in West Virginia ready to take t...

Hello Kitty Happy Meal Toy Makes Debut

Major announcement for all you Hello Kitty fanatics and collectors: The famous feline is making her debut as a McDonald's Happy Meal toy watch. Right now through February 26.
Celebrity Baby Names
Erykah Badu
Erykah already has...

Hello Kitty Hospital a Hit With Moms-To-Be

Is it a hospital or a theme park? That's the question some are asking about Hau Sheng Hospital, located 95 miles south of Taipei -- the maternity ward at this Taiwan health-care center is using iconic Japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty to calm ex...

Hello Kitty is not just for little girls

A few months ago, I wrote about a blog that's obsessed with hating all things Hello Kitty. The author of the blog posts about often ludicrous Hello Kitty gear -- appliances, tattoos, even creepy kitty contact lenses. Now, there will be even more Hell...

Have you been to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade?

I haven't. I've never really wanted to go. I mean, it's never been my dream. The parade looks interesting and fun from afar, from my home as I watch it on television, but the chaos, the crowds, the weather--all of this has kept me from taking the l...

Hello Kitty assault rifle makes killing cute, efficient

On the back of news that Hello Kitty has dropped that obnoxious, squeaky-voiced cutesy routine for something a little more adult, comes the latest in HK gear -- and this one is definitely not for kids. The Hello Kitty Assault Rifle not only lets y...

I knew Hello Kitty was hiding something

Just when you thought Hello Kitty was sweet -- so saccharine, in fact, that it bordered on irritating -- the company releases a line of phone charms that show another side of the chirpy-voiced feline. It turns out that, underneath the wholesome venee...

Hello Kitty actually relieves stress, instead of causing it with that stupid annoying voice

It's no secret that I think Hello Kitty is one of the most annoying cartoons ever created. Just listening to those squeaky little characters makes my skin crawl. However, it appears the little fur ball isn't all bad. I just found this Hello Kitty ...

Hello Kitty disciplines Thai police force- video

Thailand police supervisors decided a badge of shame was in order for officers caught breaking the very rules they were supposed to enforce. Policemen found littering, parking in restricted areas, arriving to work late, and other misdemeanors were ...

We saw Shamu! (Part I)

When I was packing for our day at Sea World, I suddenly became my mother. Not like a weird, Freudian thing, but in an ultra-fastidious, slightly OCD, plan-ahead-for-every-possible-scenario-like-we-were-traveling-into-an-uncharted-forest kinda way. ...

Hello Kitty privacy sticker for your teen's cellphone

I remember, when I was a teenager, constantly being in fear of my parents stumbling across incriminating emails, text messages, etc. While, in all honesty, they would've had good reason to snoop (I was often up to no good), I realize now that they wo...

$6,299 Hello Kitty robot can recognize, converse with your child

Hello Kitty is one of those insipid children's cartoon characters that becomes part of their world whether you like it or not. That cat is on everything from toys to clothing to TV shows -- worming her way into your child's psyche in literally thou...

Product Recall: Payless Toddler Clog Shoes

In May, Payless ShoeSource recalled about 690,000 Children's Airwalk Compel Shoes due to a choking hazard. Today, Payless and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission expanded that recall to include about 270,000 more of the shoes. The plastic riv...


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