Opinion: My Daughter's a High-School Dropout and I'm Totally Okay With It

Erika Lutz's17-year-old daughter is a high-school dropout. And Mom is totally OK with that. Credit: Ericka Lutz
It's graduation season and the irony, in my household, abounds. You see, I teach graduate students at one of the top universitie...

Christian Slater gets GED to set an example for his kids

(Smart move! Click the photo to see the Top 12 Brainy Celebs) Did you know Christian Slater was a high school dropout? Neither did I. But though the actor of two might not need that diploma to round out his resume anymore, he recently went back to ...

Dropout teenage mom becomes DC police chief

Upon confirmation by city council, Cathy L. Lanier will officially be named the police chief of Washington, DC. She becomes one of only a few women running large city police departments and the fact that she is a white woman leading the force in a la...


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