Teens Turn to Dangerous Healthy Glows and Contraband Cigarettes

Prom season is right around the corner, but if your teen is looking for a "glow" to go with her fierce new dress, you might want to think twice: The Ontario Medical Association is urging a ban on tanning beds for those under 18. There is a new optio...

Should Your Child Play More Than One Sport?

Dear Reggie, My 11-year-old-son, Jacob, is an ice hockey fanatic. He is on the ice three to five days a week and also plays road hockey for fun with his friends. He's very talented, but a bit smaller than the other players. His progress seems to hav...

Hockey mom sings out against Sarah Palin

We've all heard the "hockey mom" pitch and references to lipstick and pit bulls and you'd think that every hockey mom in the country would be backing Sarah Palin for president vice-president, with their darling stars of the ice by their side -- and y...


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