Dozens of Teens Sent Home From Homecoming for Dressing Too Sexy

A sampling of a few of the girls who were not let in to the Mesquite homecoming dance because of their attire. Credit: KVTV / KTXA
There's lots of hand-wringing over homecoming dresses going on in Mesquite, Texas this week, after about 50 teenage...
Girls were too sexy for their homecoming dresses at this Texas school.

Girl with Down syndrome voted Homecoming Queen

While America waits on the edge of its seat to see who will win the Presidential election, teenagers everywhere are engaged in a much more "important" vote -- that of homecoming king and queen. Though Election 2008 may be anything but settled, high s...

Gay homecoming couple is news?

In the town of Davis, California, the high school junior class selected a gay couple as their homecoming princes. Brandon Raphael and Kiernan Gatewood rode through town as part of the school's annual homecoming parade, each wearing a white sash beari...

Homeschooled boy can't dance

Steven Goforth was invited to the homecoming dance at Citrus High School in Inverness, Florida by his childhood friend Samantha Kelley, a freshman at the school. The night before the dance, however, Samantha's mom got a call from the school -- she wo...


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