Not just another child-left-in-car story

Okay, we've all heard the stories... Mom or dad either forget they have the kid with them or just don't care and go inside, leaving the child in a hot car. Sometimes, the kid survives but far too often, the outcome is not so positive. These are sad s...

Two-year-old rescued from SUV

A two-year-old girl was found alone, crying, and sweating profusely in a locked SUV in a parking lot where the outside temperature -- in the shade -- was 83 degrees, according to the police. One window was left open two inches for ventilation, but th...

Devices to prevent kids being left in hot cars

Have you seen the Volvo commercial where the woman is walking to her car, alone at night, across a dark parking lot? As she approaches her car, she notices a flashing signal on her key fob. Her car's computer has detected a heartbeat inside the car a...


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