To Belize and Back: How Far One Mother Went to Help Her Child

Author Hope Edelman says alternative methods healed her daughter. Courtesy Hope Edelman
If anyone had told me when my daughter was born that one day I'd take her to a shaman for healing, I would have laughed.
Me? Ha! Never. But soon...
Would you take your daughter to a shaman for healing? This mom did.

Hula-Hooping Baby, Rick Springfield, and More - Links We Love

Tired of children's books who always show Mom doing domestic tasks? Mommy Track'd has a list of books for the modern family. Nothing's cuter than a hula-hooping baby, except a baby who does it without the hoop. -- The Daily What Bottles are goi...

Imaginary friends are good for kids

A few months ago, an entire cast of characters entered my daughter's life. Whenever she gave me a name for a character in a story, or whenever she referenced a "friend" at her make-believe house, she always named the same three or four made-up people...

Bedset, the imaginary friend

Last night, Jared and I were taking the garbage out when he started freaking out and pawing through the recycling bin. He kept saying his imaginary friend was in there. I told him he wasn't, but he said he saw me put him in there. I said I'd only put...

Irrational fears and imaginary friends

When Christy was about 9 years old, we moved into a new apartment. We moved many times during her childhood, so the move itself was not traumatic. It was a much nicer place than any we had lived in prior and I was thrilled with our new home. Christy,...


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