Eating Dirt Good for the Kids?

Is eating dirt good for you? Perhaps so. I've heard that in the course of a lifetime we consume and inordinate amount of dirt, and other things too, but is that something that perhaps we're supposed to be doing? Mud pies aside, it may be instinctiv...

Should shopping carts be sanitized?

Just how dangerous are shopping carts to kids? It depends on who you ask. Shopping carts have become the next battleground in the war on germs. Grocery stores now offer antibacterial wipes and disposable covers for shopping cart handles, while parent...

Playgroups may decrease risk of childhood leukemia

New research suggests that children who attend day care or are frequently exposed to other children through playgroups or playdates may be at a decreased risk of developing leukemia. According to this article from Yahoo, leukemia is thought to be cau...


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