Father's Involvement During Pregnancy Found to be Critical to Infant's Survival

Healthier babies are born to dads that stick around. Credit: Getty Images
Babies whose fathers are absent during pregnancy are four times more likely to die in their first year of life, regardless of the mother's race, ethnicity or socioeconomi...

U.S. Sees Fewer Premature Births for Second Straight Year

Premature birth rates are on their way down. Credit: Damon Dahlen, AOL
The risk of having a premature baby -- with the health problems that portends -- might be decreasing. Researchers at the National Center for Health Statistics report this ...

Does exercise help pregnant women stop smoking?

One would think the obvious answer to that question is yes. One would surmise that exercise would help anyone stop smoking, right? After all, you're striving to do something healthy, sort of the opposite of smoking, by getting out there and running...

State-by-state differences in child well-being

In the United States, a child's well-being is directly related to where that child lives. A new report released by Every Child Matters, highlights a huge gap among states when it comes to ensuring the health and welfare of children. The report, entit...

World Health Organization follows six babies for a year

The results are in! The World Health Organization (WHO) has been following six babies for a year now. The babies and families are located in various countries and come from diverse backgrounds. The babies were chosen from: Bolivia, India, Laos, Egypt...


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