Experts Try to Calm Concerns Over Tap Water for Infants in Toyko

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Reports spread across the globe that radiation levels in tap water have risen to more than twice the recommended levels for infants. Credit: AP Despite growing anxiety caused by Tokyo's tap water e...
Some experts are urging parents not to panic for at least six months.

California County Speaks Out Against Co-Sleeping

Is sleeping with your baby safe? Credit: Getty Images
Proponents say it promotes bonding and facilitates breast-feeding; those against it say it puts infants unnecessarily in danger. Now, health officials in Santa Clara County, Calif., are weighi...

101 safety tips

After attending the infant safety/CPR class last month I decided it would be best to move into a one-room house with no furniture and no corners. I felt much the same way after perusing these 100 safety and childproofing tips offered my ParentWonde...

Rolling and sleeping on the stomach

My son has a new hobby. Well, actually, it's not that new--he's been doing it for nearly a month now. My son is rolling. It's his favorite thing to do. It keeps me on my toes whenever I have to change him--in fact, I can barely keep him still long ...


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