Internet Safety 

Internet Safety for Middle School Kids

Middle schoolers lead digital lives, so why not make sure they do it safely? Credit: Getty Images In the middle school years, teens begin social networking, creating and uploading comments (blogs, videos, pictures), downloading music a...Teens are using the Internet to express themselves and to experiment anonymously with different identities.

How to Protect Kids From Online Tracking

Tracking and profiling kids online -- and selling their information to advertisers and data brokers -- has quickly become widespread. Credit: Getty Images
Digital life has lots of benefits -- online tracking isn't one of them.
Our o...
Digital life has lots of benefits -- online tracking isn't one of them.

FTC Says Kids Ratted Out by Mickey Mouse

A Disney-owned company has agreed to pay $3 million for violating Federal Trade Commission rules. Credit: Getty Images
Children were ratted out by Mickey Mouse? Donald Duck is a stool pigeon?
Well, maybe not directly, but Atlantic M...
Disney-owned company cops to providing kids' personal information.

Can Your Teen Shape Facebook's Privacy Policy?

Your kids' privacy is very important. Credit: Getty Images If your teens socialize online, you've probably had some anxious moments wondering who can see all the stuff they post. And if you've tried to understand your teens' favorite s...Facebook wants your comments on their privacy policy.

Try This: Protecting Children on the Web

When you see your kids glued to the computer screen for hours on end, you probably can't help but wonder what they could possibly be doing for so long. And, with so much dangerous activity lurking on the Internet, you might be a bit concerned, a...
New York moms share some tips on how they ensure their kids are using the Internet safely.

Could Facebook Keep Your Kid Out of College?

A few mindless posts could prove to be your kid's undoing when it comes to college admissions. Credit: Karen Bleier, AFP / Getty Images
As the first generation to grow up with the Internet, our kids think nothing of revealing the most intimate ...

Internet Safety

How can you be sure that your child is safe on the Internet? It can be easy if you set the following Internet safety guidelines with your kids. Among our top ways to stay safe. Remind your kids to: 1. Be careful with strangers on the Internet. ...

Is Your Child Safe? Take This Quiz to Find Out

June is National Safety Month, Mom. Are your children safe? Although you can't control everything that happens, there are lots of things you can do to prepare your children for emergency and make your home and yard safe for play this summer. Take ...

Online Predators - Just an Urban Legend?

It's enough to send a chill up any parent's spine: a 14-year-old girl agrees to meet an online friend, presumably another teen, without telling her parents. Only the "teen" turns out to be a 38-year-old man ... and a predator. To parents and child...

Surprising new findings about online predators

A new study released yesterday suggests that the typical online predator is not who you might think. Rather than an adult posing as a teen in order to gain kids' trust, online sexual predators are often adults who make their intentions quite clear to...

Top ten health concerns about today's kids

As our friends over at That's Fit point out, there is very little to surprise in the results of the National Poll on Children's Health. The poll, conducted in March for the University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, asked a nationally re...

Misleading ad campaign about online privacy targets teens

I know the Internet can be a dangerous place. But let's stop it with all the boogie-monster scare tactics. Just because you write about yourself online, it does not mean you're going to be recognized in real-life by dozens of creepy perverts. That's ...

Teens know to limit personal info online

As someone who's part of the last generation that wasn't connected throughout my childhood via blogs and social networking sites, I've often wondered how today's kids will navigate their lives as adults with so much personal information accessible to...

Keeping your kids safe online

During a recent conversation about an Internet fraud case, my girlfriend interjected, "And I don't even want to think about how we'll keep Edan [my 2 year-old daughter] safe online. Fortunately that's a long way off." Unfortunately, however, I'm afra...

Are girls safer online than boys?

At six years old, Ellie is not allowed to get online by herself. I enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where she is going and what she is doing on the Internet. She's too young to chat or have a MySpace page anyway. In the meantim...


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