Kids Struggle to Unplug At Summer Camp

Could your teen unplug for a week? Image:
Sending the kids off to summer camp is a time-honored tradition for many families. For parents, sleep-away camp is a rare break from parental duties and a chance to let the kids take some baby step...

SafetyClicks helps parents and kids navigate the web

When my generation of parents were growing up, computers were the size of minvans and no one had a cell phone. Today, kids tote laptops to camp and preschoolers know how to text. It's a brave new world. It can also be a scary new world when your kid ...

Boot camp for Internet-addicted kids

Kids in South Korea take Internet gaming very seriously. Earlier this year, when the makers of the game Starcraft announced an upgrade to the popular 9-year-old game, some 300,000 fans turned up in a Seoul stadium to hear the announcement and get the...

Have baby: Will travel...greetings from the heartland

[Have baby: Will travel chronicles one new family's roadtrip adventure from New York to the South...and back.] Wow. I've been without consistent (or any) Internet access since I last wrote, and all I can say is: wow. I never realized how dependen...

Have baby: Will travel...on the road, again

Well, it's just after 5:00 AM on Saturday and I am ready to get back into action. After a near nervous breakdown trying to reassemble the pack and play and a quick (albeit gigantic) burrito from Chipotle, which totally hit the spot, we went to bed...


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