Did Parental Addiction to Online Gaming Lead to Murder?

Perhaps I'm showing my age a little bit, but I don't get the appeal of Facebook games like Mafia Wars or FarmVille. If you need to kill time, I suppose there's nothing wrong with a little mindless entertainment, no matter what form it takes. Yet...If you can't get through the day without playing video games, it might be time to get help.

Mat Leave Drama, Dangerous Daycares and More

Each Friday, we dish out the best news stories of the week to help keep you in the loop. As if finding quality childcare and dealing with sleep deprivation isn't enough for for moms to worry about, more Canadian women are facing pink slips when t...

Is Online Gaming A Good Stress Reducer For My Son?

Dear AdviceMama, My 15-year-old son (only child) is an honor student, soccer player, chess player and wants to be a psychologist as a career. During free time and school breaks, he likes to camp out on the couch and play an online war game pretty ...

Moms and Internet Addiction

For a stay-at-home mom, a computer with an Internet connection can truly be a lifeline. When diapers, Barney and baby talk become just too much, adult interaction is just a click away. But for some moms, the lure of the online world becomes too tempt...

Boot camp for Internet-addicted kids

Kids in South Korea take Internet gaming very seriously. Earlier this year, when the makers of the game Starcraft announced an upgrade to the popular 9-year-old game, some 300,000 fans turned up in a Seoul stadium to hear the announcement and get the...


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