Porn Star Jenna Jameson Now a Mommy Blogger

Jenna Jameson: The mommy blogger? Credit: Getty Images
Former porn star Jenna Jameson has turned her talents to blogging, mommy blogging. If ever there was a way to get men to start reading so-called mommy blogs, this is it. Jameson is one ...

Students Get X-Rated Lesson

Shocked students get schooled in pornography. Image: Annie Andre/
Parents of some Brooklyn, New York grade schoolers are furious after a curious mix up with a DVD player resulted in their kids getting some very graphic sex education during ...

Students Watch Porn In Class By Accident

This just goes to show that sometimes too much technology in the classroom can be a bad idea. A substitute teacher at a Denver high school got quite a shock when he went to play a movie his class was scheduled to watch. According to news report...


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