Jennifer Hudson, Silver Linings, and Special Needs Bill of Rights - Links We Love

Riding in the back of the station wagon: No longer allowed. Photo:
Parents of kids with special needs now have their own Bill of Rights, thanks to Max's mom Ellen. "We have the right to expect our kids to be seen for who they are as ind...

Jennifer Hudson, Bad Parents and Breastfeeding - Links We Love

Do dress codes reveal an unfair double standard?. Image:
Are dress codes biased against girls? One mom -- whose daughter was sent home for shorts that were 1/2 inch too short -- thinks so. -- MomLogic Thanks to Facebook, a mom and her s...

Julia Hudson speaks about son via MySpace

As we all know too well by now, actress and singer Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew were taken from her and her sister, Julia, in what is sure to be one of the biggest tragedies in Hollywood and America. Even more alarming than the mur...


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