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Worst TV Role Models: Is Snooki Teaching Your Kids?

Tony, from "Skins," sleeps with every hot girl in sight. Credit: AP
What Are Kids Learning from TV Characters?
When it comes to sex, violence, drinking, bullying and other sensitive topics, you want messages about right and wrong to...
Get familiar with the characters kids are watching -- whether you love or hate them.

To Ace the SAT, It Pays to Know 'The Situation'

Has your kid studied up on Snookie for the SATs? Credit: Kevin Mazur, Here's another one to add to the parent guilt trip files: You strict types who ban your teens from the voyeurism of reality TV may be stifling your kid'...SAT studying could mean adding reality TV to your kids' homework.

Can You Inoculate Your Kids From a Raunchy Culture?

Last week, a friend told me that her teenage daughter walked out of the room when she saw "Jersey Shore" on the television. You heard right, some teenagers don't want to watch Snooki and her morally-depraved roommates. It was enough to make me, a mom...It's not too late to keep "Jersey Shore" characters from shaping your child's morals.

Diddy Gives Son $360K Maybach for His 16th Birthday

Sean "Diddy" Combs and son Justin Dior Combs attend Justin's 16th birthday party on January 23, 2010 in New York City. Credit: Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images
Getting a car for your 16th birthday is pretty exciting for most teens. But when your dad i...

Preschool Version of 'Jersey Shore' May Top Original

"Jersey Shore," MTV's latest foray into the reality-TV genre, has spawned plenty of opinion -- from upset New Jersey tourism executives to viewers who swear the show is an accurate portrayal of the lives of Italian-American young adults. But our fa...


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