Could a Jon Gosselin Book Make You a Better Father?

Would you take parenting advice from this guy? Credit: X17online
Jon Gosselin may write a book sharing his -- wait for it, wait for it -- parenting skills. Take a few minutes. Done laughing? OK, here's the deal: MSNBC reports Gosselin want...

Maybe, Baby? TLC Launches 'A Conception Story' Online Reality Series

Six women share their dreams of motherhood on A Conception Story. Credit: TLC
From the network that brought you "Jon and Kate Plus 8" and "19 Kids and Counting," pro-procreation TLC has now launched "A Conception Story," an online reality series ...

Kate Gosselin Axed from 'Dancing With the Stars'

Kate has taken her last dance. Credit: Adam Larkey, AP
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin has one fewer job to juggle. The author and reality star was eliminated Tuesday from "Dancing With the Stars," leaving seven couples in ...

New Kate Gosselin Drama: Jon to Seek Custody of Their Kids

Is Kate neglecting her kids? Credit: Life & Style
While Kate Gosselin's spending all her time on Dancing with the Stars and painting herself as TV's hardest-working, devoted mom to the public, Jon's spending all of his time with the kids -- a...

Kate Gosselin Chops Off Hair Extensions

Kate Gosselin changes her look -- again. Credit: Justin Campbell, BuzzFoto / FilmMagic
Presto-change-o! Former reality-TV mom of many Kate Gosselin has chopped off her $7,000 hair extensions, US Weekly reports. Gosselin is most recently famous...

Kate Gosselin Gets New Look After 20-Hour Makeover

Kate replaced her trademark 'do with longer locks. Credit: People
Nothing says "new start" like a new hairstyle -- just ask reality-TV star and recent divorcee Kate Gosselin, who replaced her infamous spiky 'do with long, flowing tresses. G...

The Decade That Multiples Went Mainstream

Some have called the past decade the Decade From Hell, others the "Me-Me-Me" Decade and even The Unnameable Decade. For me, personally, it will forever be known as the decade that I discovered the wild and wonderful world of raising twins. But it w...

Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin is a husband and father who became famous appearing on the TLC reality show "Jon and Kate Plus 8." The show follow the lives of Jon, his wife Kate Gosselin, and their eight children -- fraternal twins Cara and Madelyn, born in 2000, and ...

Kate Gosselin: Celebrity, Mother, Author

Kate Gosselin is a wife, mother and author who became a celebrity once she began taping the TLC show "Jon and Kate Plus Eight." Kate and her husband, Jon Gosselin, are parents to eight children -- fraternal twins Cara and Madelyn, born in 2000, and s...

SmackDown: Jon or Kate for Parent of the Year?

The Gosselin's split has been bitter and public. Whose side are you on? Credit: COP / BuzzFoto / FilmMagic
Reality Check: Kate Gosselin is a Good Mom by Susan Avery Kate Gosselin is not c...
The Gosselin's split has been bitter and public. Whose side are you on?

Kate Gosselin Caught Spanking Daughter - On Camera

Kate Gosselin believes in spanking -- do you? Photo credit: Getty Images.
In a dazzling display of poor judgment, Kate Gosselin managed to be photographed spanking one of her sextupets over the weekend. The spanking took place after 5-year-old...

Princess Movies, Leaving Kids in the Car and Lebron James - Links We Love

Cloth diapers have never looked so cute. Image:
As if baby bottoms aren't cute enough -- check out gDiaper's ruffle diaper for girls. -- LilSugar Pixar's newest children's movie "Up" is getting rave reviews, but Linda Holmes at NP...

Pregnancy Skin, Kingston Rossdale on the Road and More - Links We Love

Gavin Rossdale takes Kingston on tour. Photo: Getty Images.
Newly pregnant, you might be wondering what those dark spots are on your face. It's called chloasma, or mask of pregnancy. Read about more ways your skin may change at Poked and Prodded....

Jon and Kate, Class Rings for Kindergartners and More - Links We Love

Is it a boy or a girl? A new at-home test might give you the answer. Photo courtesy The latest in home pregnancy tests: Finding out if your baby is a boy or a girl. The test claims to be 90 percent effective. A good idea? Or wait for the...

The Fastest Rising Baby Names of the Year

The new national baby name rankings were revealed on Friday, with Jacob remaining #1 for boys and Emma taking over the top spot for girls. But if you really want to know what's going on with American names, you have to look past the top 10 to the mov...


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