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Celeb Baby News: Carla Bruni 'Officially' Preggers, Kate Hudson Names Baby Boy Bing and More

Credit: Franck Prevel, Getty Images
Haven't been keeping up on the latest celebrity baby news? Here are a few items to impress your friends with this weekend!
Carla Bruni really is pregnant! After months of speculation, Carla Bruni-...
Bada bing! Baby name explained, pregnancy confirmed and Jim and Pam are having another kid!

Celeb Baby Update: Kate Hudson, Victoria Beckham Give Birth

Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham both welcomed their newborns to the world this weekend. Credit: Getty Images Two new soon-to-be famous tots entered the world over the weekend, as actress Kate Hudson gave birth to a baby boy July 9 and...It's a boy for Hudson, a girl for Beckham, as both gave birth in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Single Dads, Four-Named Babies, and Kate Hudson - Links we Love

If you're a single dad who's dating, when do you tell potential love interests about your kids? Lemondrop readers chime in, and most of them say to speak up about fatherhood sooner than later. -- Lemondrop Here's a great idea for storing all those...

Minnie Driver set to be a chubby mommy

For someone who had little to say about her pregnancy, Minnie Driver is certainly opening up these days. She won't reveal the name of the baby's father and she has no plans on finding out the baby's sex before the big day, but she has a lot to say...

Super mom Kate Hudson to release eco-friendly haircare line

Kate Hudson has it all. She's an actress with a good track record in Hollywood, she has celebrity parentage, she was married to a rock star and had his baby, and her kid is as cool as she is. Not content to just enjoy that success, Kate has taken it...

Kate Hudson: making out is hard to do

Kate Hudson says she would love to do what she used to do: have steamy make out sessions with cute boys. Considering the fact that she is single and pretty cute herself, one wonders just what is stopping her from fulfilling her fantasy. It's the kids...

Kate Hudson wants consent to photograph her child

Like Julia Roberts and a growing number of celebrity parents, Kate Hudson is not at all comfortable with her son being photographed. As we know the paparazzi seem to be willing to go to any length to get photos of celebrities, and in a worrisome tre...

Celebrity moms and their long-haired boys

See that beautiful child in the picture with Cindy Crawford? The gorgeous face, the flowing blond locks...that must be her daughter Kaia, right? Wrong. It is her 8-year-old son, Presley. The child is good looking for sure, but doesn't that hair make ...


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