King of the Junior Jungle

Jonathan Adler Junior is fully of whimsy. Credit: Jonathan Adler
Jonathan Adler's much-anticipated kids collection has started rolling out in stores with adorable handmade rugs (like Lion, shown), cool graphic wallpapers, and chic miniature...

Win the Pennant

Pretty party. Credit: Petit Collage
There are no shortage of wall decals meant for kids' rooms these days, but for the greenest of moms, the predominantly vinyl offerings can be off-putting. Happily, the folks at Petit Collage came up with an alt...

Have a Ball

Big statement, small price tag. Credit: Jonathan Adler
Design guru Jonathan Adler is set to launch a much-anticipated kids' decor line in the coming months (we'll keep you posted), but he's getting a head start with a new stationary collection ...


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