Is 13 Too Young to Start Bodybuilding?

If you hear your kids saying "We're gonna pump (clap) you up" in the mirror while applying bronzer, flexing, posing and lifting weights you'd be afraid to even go near, it may be time for a body image intervention. "Today" reports youngsters a...The number of kids ages 6 to 11 joining gyms has doubled since 2005.

U.S. Census: Where Have All the Children Gone?

Credit: Getty Images
Census figures tell us there are fewer children in the United States -- percentage-wise -- than ever before.
Whew, what a relief. Remember growing up with all those dire warnings of overpopulation? Well, this...
Census figures tell us there are fewer children in the United States -- percentage-wise -- than ever before.

Study Says 1 in 13 US Children Have Food Allergy

1 in 13 children in the U.S. have a food allergy. Credit: Getty Images
CHICAGO (AP) - Food allergies affect about one in 13 U.S. children, double the latest government estimate, a new study suggests.
The researchers say about 40 per...
Peanuts and milk were the most common sources.

Books Can Help in Talking to Kids About Sex

Are you ready for "the talk"? Credit: Amazon
When it comes to raising children, sometimes you just want to be told the right thing to say or do.
Debra Haffner, a former president of the Sexuality Information and Educati...
You might not be able to find the right words to talk to your kids about sex, but these books can help.

Tips for a Future Stepdad Who Doesn't Know a Lot About Girls Yet

Watch This Video and Take Some Tips On Co-Parenting From AdviceMama
Illustration by Dori Hartley When it comes to love, I've always believed if it's right, it's right, and that I'd know it. But a good checklist never hurts, either....
Before entering our castle, this prince best take our advice.

Humor: On My Fantasy Bookshelf

Tired of the classics? These fantasy titles will shake things up. Illustrations by Dori Hartley After an artisanal homemade family dinner of organic chicken and wild quinoa, followed by herbal baths and cups of warm milk seasoned with ...Fancy Nancy Goes to Walmart and other books we wouldn't mind reading to our kids.

Hot Super Bowl Mocktail Recipes

Virgin cocktails are a welcome addition to any party that includes kids. Credit: alpha du centaure, Flickr If you invited a vegetarian to your Super Bowl party, you'd make sure to have some meatless options on your buffet table. So why...Tastes great? Less filling? These mocktails are both!

New Year's Eve Craft: Party-Perfect Hat to Make and Wear

Cut and paste the perfect party hat to ring in 2011 in crafty kid-style. Credit: Gina Provenzano
Your special prince or princess will love welcoming the New Year in a glittery party hat they make themselves. Don't let these dire...
Your special Prince or Princess will love welcoming the New Year in a glittery party hat they make themselves.

When Should Kids Start Using Computers?

Kids as young as 4 are spending 50 minutes a day on the computer. Credit: Getty Images Parents know how much their kids love computers. Sometimes they're just playing games, but computers have become an important part of education as w...

Brain Research Shows Kids Get More Introspective Over Time

Kids are naturally egocentric. Credit: Getty Images Are your kids totally self-centered? Relax, they won't always be that way. That's what scientists at Georgetown University Medical Center found while studying the five region...Research finds that young children and tweens are more egocentric than introspective based on how their brains function.

Study Shows 1 In 4 Kids Younger Than 12 Is on a Diet

Does your kid really need to be on a diet? Credit: Getty Images
In light of America's child obesity epidemic, it sounds like good news: A quarter of all kids younger than 12 is on a diet of some kind, according to a recent study. A question lo...
Those diapers are looking tight. Time to go on a diet, little one.

Halloween Crafts: Gruesome Gourd Creatures

Need some Halloween crafts? Scare Halloween revelers with wacky gourd creatures like this creeping critter. Credit: Gina Provenzano
Tired of the same old jack-o-lanterns and tombstone lawn ornaments that serve as standard Halloween decor? DIY cre...
Gourds get the ghoul treatment for an easy Halloween craft for kids.

Dad Reprimanded for Letting Daughter Walk to Bus Stop

The driver on the bus says ... that's dangerous! Credit: Zemlinki!, Flickr
Why did the 7-year-old cross the road? Why, to get to the other side, of course -- but the punchline isn't so funny to some officials in one quiet English village....
One father's decision to let his daughter cross the road to get to the school bus got him in some big trouble with child protective services.

Baby Shower Party for Siblings

Involve your older child with your baby shower plans. Credit: Getty Images
Clearly, the guest of honor at any baby shower party is the mother-to-be. But if the new baby will have siblings, it's important to include them in the festivities, too....

Make-and-Learn-Crafts: Lasting Summer Memories in a Shadow Box

Turn summer vacation memories into a hanging scrapbook page for all to see and enjoy. Credit: Gina Provenzano
When vacation euphoria is over and all that remains is sand embedded in the car seats and layers of mud caked in sneakers, stop and ta...


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