Weightlifting for Kids? New Research Says Pump It Up

Kids should exercise to strengthen their muscles and bones three times a week. Credit: Getty If your kid has been asking to lift weights but you've been afraid to let him because of safety concerns, you may want to ease up on your anxi...New research says lifting weights won't stunt a kid's growth.

Does Home Exercise Equipment Benefit Kids

Dear Reggie, I am having trouble finding enough time to get my 3 kids to activities during the week. They are between the ages of five and 12. They play team sports on both days of most weekends. A friend suggested that I buy exercise equipment de...

Skinny Kids Should Exercise to Create Strong Bones

Dear Reggie, I have a 13-year-old daughter who is occasionally active. Several days a week she plays at recess and lunch time with her friends at school. Other days she enjoys sitting around and hanging out with her friends. Whenever she plays sports...

How to Use the Olympics to Get Your Kids Motivated

The Olympics provide a great platform to get your kids moving and off the couch. My family loves to watch the figure skaters, hockey players, downhill skiers and snowboarders compete at the highest level for their country's pride and glory. My younge...

Should Your Child Play More Than One Sport?

Dear Reggie, My 11-year-old-son, Jacob, is an ice hockey fanatic. He is on the ice three to five days a week and also plays road hockey for fun with his friends. He's very talented, but a bit smaller than the other players. His progress seems to hav...

Finding Your Child's Target Heart Rate Zone

I often have parents come to me for help with their teenager who is overweight. They assure me their child exercises on a regular basis and eats relatively well. My first line of questioning typically reveals the need for stress management, better sl...

Do You Overestimate Your Kids' Daily Activity Routine?

Having worked with many kids in high-level sports over the years, I've seen my fair share of parents with either unrealistic expectations or exaggerated assessments of their kids' abilities. In the same vein, parents often see the glass as half ful...

Make Fitness Fun With Exercise Balls

The main deterrent to exercise for many of us is time. Even kids claim to be "too busy" for a regular exercise routine! At the end of the day, these are just excuses. As a parent, I've learned that kids tend to prioritize things they enjoy. Unfortu...

How to Get Your Kids Active for 60 Minutes Per Day

As part of the solution to North America's growing obesity epidemic, it is highly recommended that our children complete 60 minutes of vigorous activity on a daily basis. Along with eating a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and loade...

Is Weight Training Safe for Kids?

I am often asked, "What is the right age to start weight training?" Before I can answer, the parent often follows up with, "If my son starts training too early will it stunt his growth?" The quick answer is that kids can start resistance training as ...


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