Too Much TV for Tots Can Mean Trouble at Age 10, Study Says

Maybe it's time to unplug. Credit: Corbis
When you were a kid, did your parents tell you watching too much TV would rot your brain and ruin your eyes? Now, folks can add that spending lots of time in front of the tube will make you fat, get you b...

Is It OK For Kids Under 2 To Watch TV?

How much is too much when it comes to watching TV? Credit: jupiterimages
If you want to start an argument in a room full of parents, mention television and open up the debate on very young children watching it. Whether they let their kids watc...

Kids Watching TV All Day - How Bad?

Had any bad-parent moments lately, where you end up looking around for your Worst Parent Award while wondering just how much you've damaged your child? If your answer is no, check out Links We Love for some amazing Mommy Blog links! If you're saying ...

Device monitors television time

We all know too much television is not good for kids, but with all the other things vying for attention, monitoring screen time generally lands pretty low on the list. With the introduction of BOB to your household, there's no more excuses for your...

Shows for the entire family

With kids ranging in age from high school to kindergarten, finding something on television the whole family can enjoy can be challenging, especially when years seem to pass in between new SpongeBob episodes. (I'm a Squidward fan.) I hate reality TV...


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