Summer Birthday Parties: 5 Fun Ideas

Summer birthdays mean you can take the party outside. Credit: Getty Images
Birthdays are so much fun for kids to celebrate at school -- you get to bring treats, everyone sings to recognize your special day and you might even get a little gift...

10 Tips for Throwing a Birthday Theme Party

Birthdays. The kids keep having them. And from the age of five, we've allowed each to celebrate by inviting friends to a birthday party in our home. At these parties, we aim for homemade, low-key fun. But even low-key fun requires advance preparation...

War on goody bag garbage

I have a hatred of clutter which is unbecoming for anyone who decided to have not just one child but two. Nonetheless, my hatred of small pieces of clutter drives me in a constant battle against Polly Pocket and Hot Wheels. It's this hatred of clutte...


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