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Let your kids go barefoot. Sort of. Credit: Terra Plana
By now you've probably heard that the best thing you can do for your children's feet is let them run around barefoot. Well, depending on where you live, this presents varying degrees of im...

Rack Room girls' shoes - Product Recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of about 11,000 pairs of girls' sandals sold by Rack Room Shoes of Charlotte, North Carolina. The ornamental flowers on the sandals can detach and pose a choking hazard to young chi...

New shoes grow with kids' feet

I'm raising a couple of shoe shoppers. Whether it's glittery ballet flats or flashing tennis shoes, my girls just can't get enough of footwear. I let them try on shoes to their heart's content, but limit purchasing to only the necessary one or two pa...

PluiePluie rain boots

This ninety-degree heat and blowing soot has me dreaming of cold, rainy days. PluiePluie rain boots would be perfect for your little one's feet during the wet months, but aren't limited to rain alone. Beach days at the ocean or helping with the gard...

Product Recall: Nordstrom Children's Sandals

Another Nordstrom recall. Different product, same reason: a choking hazard for young children. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Nordstrom are recalling children's Calypso Sandals because the decorations on the shoes can detach and pose...

The joy of new shoes

Every day after school, Ellie and I drive past a shoe store. She never fails to ask if we can stop in, sometimes promising that she just wants to look. By this point, she doesn't expect me to agree. It's just part of our drive-home conversation. I al...

Shoes or accident waiting to happen?

I ran across these shoes and am thinking about buying them for my seven-and-a-half-year-old. They're cute and not full price. Both huge factors for me in any purchase. The problem is my daughter is not the most gross motor skilled child in the world...

Morgan and Milo: the flames make you go faster

I love the entire Morgan & Milo line of shoes for kids. The company was started by Mia Abbruzzese who was Director of Product at Stride Rite. The shoes are classic with a modern twist. We bought these adorable flame shoes for our son a few month...


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