Top 10 Tech Toys for Kids

Holidays mean many things to many people, but for kids? It's all about the toys. Just ask Santa -- gifts have come a long way since Lincoln Logs and paper dolls first hit the scene. Of course, we think those relics are still pretty fun, but today's...From walking, talking garbage trucks to programmable robots to spy voice changers, we've tracked down the season's coolest tech toys for kids.

Radio Flyer Wagon: Toy Hall of Fame Member

The first Radio Flyer was made in 1927. Photo: Mykl Roventine, Flickr
Radio Flyer is an American toy company best known for Radio Flyer wagons. Invented by Antonio Pasin, Radio Flyer wagons have been a children's favorite for more than 90 years. ...

Sasha Obama Brings the Ugly Doll to the White House

I love Ugly Dolls -- they're plushy and soft, sure, but they're also a nice antidote to the usual super-sweet kid stuffed toy. Because they're ugly, see! And I have boys, which means that we don't have a lot going on at my house in the "doll" categor...

Toy store registries

I kind of hate gift registries for weddings. It's kind of my own fault, but by the time I get to the department store, there's usually a $ 600.00 barbecue and a $ 30.00 martini set left. And it feels kind of impersonal. I'd rather search for a heartf...

Christmas Retrospective: Hit gifts in the Summers domicile

After quite a few overwhelming Christmas's, my husband and I decided to reign things in and set a reasonable limit on the amount of things we bought for the kids this year. With the toy limit, I really needed the toys we chose for the kids to be wort...


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