Kung Fu Panda: This Kung fu couch potato is a hit!

After filling my kids up with mall spaghetti (which they claim is better than my own), burning through a $5 gift certificate (won at a raffle) at the arcade, and making at least two potty stops, I realized that, boy, has Friday night date night ever ...

Kung Fu Panda activities

In anticipation of the release of Kung Fu Panda opening, Dreamworks Studio and Hewlett-Packard joined forces with blogging groups in major cities to host Panda Parties. I attended the Panda party hosted by the D.C. Metro Moms and took home all sorts ...

Moviefone's list of summer flicks for the whole family

After a long and EXTREMELY snowy winter (at least up here in the northern latitudes) everyone gets a little punch drunk at the thought of summer. Cook outs! Camping! Bike rides! Hiking! Bare feet without fear of frostbite!!! But what about those day...

First Jack, now Dustin: Hoffman spills Jolie's due date

In the movies, Angelina Jolie frequently portrays a butt-kicking warrior. Apparently she's just a fine actress because her Kung Fu Panda co-workers don't appear to fear the wrath of Jolie and have been spilling things she and Brad Pitt have been keep...

Jolie back to work

Angelina Jolie is back to work on her first movie since the birth of her third child, Shiloh, in May.   Her part is a speaking role for an animated film, so I suppose it might be less taxing than donning latex and tomb fighting, but man!&nb...


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