Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4

Can't get tickets to opening day? Play "Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4" at home. Credit: Lego With "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2," the final installment in the beloved magical movie Potter series, hitting theaters today, ...Celebrate today's movie opening with a little game play at home.

'Pirates of the Caribbean' Queen Anne's Revenge LEGO Playset

The Queen Anne's Revenge LEGO Playset is a swashbucklin' good time. Credit: Disney
Is your little matey shivering his timbers, awaiting the opening of Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" on May 20?
Pass the time w...
Can't wait for the next Jack Sparrow movie? Have some swashbucklin' fun with this Lego playset.

Toy Fair 2011: Top 10 Board Games

No matter how fancified, upgraded, or teched-out games become –- whether they involve iPads or LEGO bricks –- they're still old-fashioned board games at the core. So grab your family and sit around the "boards" of these great new games ...No matter how fancified, upgraded, or teched-out games become –- whether they involve iPads or LEGO bricks –- they're still old-fashioned board games at the core.

Toy Fair 2011: Top 10 Educational Toys

Sure, this year's Toy Fair was all about baby vampires, dancing robots, and giant flying fish. But it was also about playthings that –- through either sneaky or overt means –- could build up your kid's brainpower. Here are the top toys ...Here are the top toys we found for giving your kids a mental workout.

Toy Fair 2011: Top 10 Toys for Grade-School Kids

Plodding through the seemingly endless labyrinth of playthings during Toy Fair 2011, every doll, remote-controlled vehicle and board game you see starts to blend into the next. That's why, when a new toy manages to stand out amid the crowd, you know ...What were the most common themes among this year's standout toys? Robots, bugs and robot bugs.

Play Is Serious Business at New York's Ultimate Block Party,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=939992&pid=939991&uts=12862870...
Get your play on! Ultimate Block Party attracts 30,000 to New York's Central Park.

The Art of Writing Santa Letters

'Tis the season when Cabin Fever begins receiving frantic phone calls from grandparents. "What do the kids want for gifts this year?" In fact, the unspoken question is: "What gifts do you want us to get the kids this year?" Or more specifically, "W...

Swedish Parents Fight to Name Son Q

Should parents be allowed to name their kids whatever they please? Image:
If you are a James Bond fan, the name Q may sound familiar. In the Bond movies, Q is the head of the Q Branch, the research and development division of the British S...

The Family That Plays Together - Games and Toys That Reconnect Us

There was a time when mom, pop, and the kiddos could spend eons gathered 'round a Monopoly board on a weekend night. That was then. In an age where most of us have more face time with our Blackberries than we do with our children, squeezing in even 4...

Lego accused of sexist advertising

If you were to walk into my eight-year-old's bedroom right now, it would not be immediately apparent that it is a girl's room. There walls are bluish, there are Hot wheels strewn across the floor, a soccer ball in the corner and a book about underwat...

Man has Britain's largest Legos collection

When Britain Darren Smith started collecting Legos at the tender age of five, he (and his parents) probably had no idea it would turn into an obsession. Smith, now thirty-two, has amassed what is being claimed as Britain's largest Lego collection. ...

Lego organization for the serious builder

If your kids are just casual LEGO users, then you can get away with a shoe box or other basic storage container. If they're a little more serious, you may want to invest in something like the Box4Blox unit. If they're really into LEGO construction, h...

Legos go Hollywood (again)

OK, celebrities appearing as Legos is AWESOME. Well, at the very least it's humorous. I don't know if you played with Legos as a kid, or if your children enjoy them, but Legos have withstood the test of time.
Legos were first created in 1932. T...

Chewing on Lego

There's a reason the Lego company offers up the larger Duplo building blocks for younger kids -- children under the age of three or four are likely to put their toys in their mouth and the smaller Lego bricks are a definite choking hazard. So you tea...

Another Swedish child's name

Oh, those wacky Swedes and their hilarious kids' names! Okay, I had no problem with a girl being named Elvis and even Metallica is plausible, if you like the band's music, I suppose. And while I would never think to tell another parent what they can ...


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