Lenore Skenazy 

Reality TV, Here I Come (and Maybe You Can Join Me!)

Hey, parents! Do you ever find yourself over-worrying about creeps, kidnapping, germs, grades, flash cards, flashers, baby snatchers, sleepovers and/or the perils of a non-organic grape? If so, maybe we'll meet on my new TV show. Yes, I'm about to...Do you need to stop freaking out and start enjoying parenting a little more? If so, you could be on Lenore Skenazy's new reality show!

Yearbook Blacks Out Kids' Eyes for Fear of Porn Potential

Guess who, Mr. Child Pornographer? Credit: Daily Mail / Anorak News
What would you do if you got your kids' yearbook and all the eyes had been blacked out with magic marker? Personally, I'd try to wake up. But at a school in England, the princ...
A principal in England had the students' eyes blacked-out of the school yearbook

Author Urges Parents To Quit Hovering

Columnist Lenore Skenazy wrote about allowing her son Izzy to travel on the New York City Subway by himself at the age of 9, and got labeled "America's worst mom." She started the Free-Range Kids movement to silence her objectors. Credit: Joe Ko...

Helicopter parents vs. free range kids

When I was 11, I had a summer job. Five days a week, I rode my 10-speed two miles into town and babysat three kids. The oldest was 10, furious that her babysitter was only a year older than her. The youngest was only one. I can't even imagine leaving...


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