Aussie Lesbian Couple Gives Birth to Quintuplets Without IVF

Five babies equal one big belly. Credit: jupiterimages The odds of having quintuplets are a staggering one in 60 million, but a lesbian couple from Down Under conceived five babies without IVF. Melissa Keevers, 27, delivered boys Noa...The preemies ranged in weight from just more than 1.8 pounds to just under 2 pounds,

Divorced Mom Not Allowed to Have Lesbian Partner in Home

A divorced Tennessee mom of two was recently told by the court that her lesbian partner of nine years can no longer "sleep over" when her kids are in the home. The reason? A "paramour restriction" imposed by a judge, despite the fact that a psycholog...

Australian couple loses court case over twins' birth

Nearly a year ago, an Australian couple made headlines when they sued their doctors for transferring two embryos during an IVF procedure when they explicitly said that they only wanted one. There was a mix-up in communication, and the doctor transfer...


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