Links We Love: Grab Bag Edition

Chug it, dude! Credit: Getty
The kids are out of school and we're busy looking for ways to while the day away without losing our marbles. When we've had a spare minute this week, this is what we've been reading. Enjoy! If you thought your ...

Postpartum supplies for mommy

Ah, this article from PopSugar's LilSugar reminded me of both days gone by and those yet to come: Postpartum madness. I say madness because, like the author of said blog, no matter how prepared you think you are for mommyhood, you always forget some...

Do you watch Notes from the Underbelly?

Have you ever seen the show Notes from the Underbelly? It premiered last year and fstars that woman with the high-pitched voice from the garbage bag commercials and the gal who was in Kissing Jessica Stein. That's where you recognize these people f...


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