Should an Alleged Criminal Be Allowed to Coach Little League?

Would you want an alleged criminal teaching your kid about sportsmanship? Credit: Charlie Riedel, AP This question comes via an item from NBC News in New York: "Brooklyn Magistrate Ramon Reyes has allowed Anthony Colandra, suspected in...A double murder suspect in New York has been allowed to coach his son's Little League team.

Disabled Children in Las Vegas Get a Field of Dreams

There's no grass on the field. Just rubber. Games are only two innings. Everyone bats. Everyone scores. No one is ever called out. The score is always tied. There is no crying in baseball. Not in this league anyway. Disabled children i...

Mayor steals from little league

Sad, but true. A former mayor and his wife (!) have been found guilty of stealing over $20,000 from a local little league. The two were found guilty of stealing money earned from fireworks sales over a period of three years. And, as a result, they'...

Baseball parks declared 'No Swear Zones'

Little League officials in New Jersey want people to know: while foul balls are part of the game, foul language is not. The organization has posted signs reading "No Swear Zone" on the perimeter fences of the park, and parents and other spectators wh...

Little league team looking for a phony sponsor

So, your kid wants to play on a little league team. You hunt around and find a team and next thing you know, you're the manager. You handle the coaching, you take care of the equipment, you make up the name of the team's sponsor... wait... what? What...

Little League coach sued for poor instruction

My dad coached most of the youth sports teams I was involved with. And -- especially now that I've been indoctrinating her into the cult of baseball -- I figured I might do the same for my daughter. But if I'm going to be financially liable for every...

Metal baseball bats banned in NYC high schools

Baseball season is upon us and kids everywhere will soon be swinging the bats again. In New York high schools, those bats will be not be made of metal. Although Little League Baseball claims there is no evidence that metal bats are more dangerous tha...


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