Should Student Athletes Be Paid?

Credit: Skip Peterson, AP The NCAA College Basketball Tournament is in full swing and March Madness is upon us. Have you filled out your bracket yet? Despite all of the attention that the games receive, the only people not making money...

College Basketball Player Suspended for Violating BYU Honor Code; Should Codes Matter?

BYU has suspended Brandon Davies for the rest of the season for violating the school's honor code. The university announced the move March 1, 2011. Credit: Isaac Brekken, AP College basketball is a big deal, especially in March. (March...A Brigham Young University basketball player was suspended from the team for violating the school's honor code. Do you think he deserves the punishment?

More Vasectomies During March Madness

Ladies, take note: If, come March of next year, your man is suddenly more willing to discuss having his manhood snipped than he was before, he may have an ulterior motive. March Madness. It seems that doctors see an increase in vasectomies duri...

March Madness, a perfect time for a vasectomy

The word vasectomy makes many men cringe in anticipated pain. Based on the few men I know well enough to talk about such things with, I don't think it's really all that bad. The procedure itself is a quick out-patient surgery, but the recovery can ta...


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