March: Mardi Gras! Time for a Little Cajun Jambalaya

When the season of Lent arrives, families who observe it more stringently will be incorporating dietary limits that can make those 40 days feel more like 400. The big items on the Lenten food hit list? For Catholics, it's meat on Ash Wednesd...
With New Orleans being the hub of Mardi Gras celebrations in the U.S., we focused our monthly family cooking foray on that region's signature cuisine: Cajun food.

Mardi Gras With Your Family - Links We Love

The celebration of Mardi Gras-like celebrations can be traced all the way back to the time of the Romans, brought to America by French settlers who landed in Louisiana. Mardi Gras, which literally means Fat Tuesday, marks the end of the Carnival seas...

Mardi Gras crafts for kids

If you're Catholic or live in a heavily-Catholic area, you might know that Mardi Gras is coming up. (The area I live in doesn't really have many Mardi Gras activities, but my family lives in an area the celebrates.) Mardi Gras Day is on February 20 t...


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