It's Toothbrush Time for Toddlers in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has mandated toothbrush time for kids in day care facilities. Credit: Getty Images
Day care providers have an additional brushing activity for youngsters, and it's not using a paint brush. Massachusetts has added dental care to re...

Switched at Birth - Man Says He's Lucky to Have Two Mothers

As a child, Fred George never fit in. His Lebanese family was a dark-haired, outgoing bunch, while he was a shy blond. Across town, another boy, Jim Churchman -- the only brunette in his fair Scottish family -- felt the same way. "People teased me...

Peanut Allergies - Have We Gone Too Far?

A Massachusetts school bus driver recently evacuated a bus full of children to protect them from danger ... a stray peanut that had fallen on the floor. If that seems like overkill to you, you aren't alone. Though peanut allergies have increased b...

In this economy, even parents resort to shoplifting

As our economy continues to tank, so another alarming trend seems to rise. Consumers, parents readily included among them, are resorting to shoplifting. Recently a man in Massachusetts was apprehended with his daughter attempting to steal shrimp a...

Should helmets be mandatory for kids on sleds?

In December we brought you the news that Lincoln, Nebraska banned sledding. Now, another state moves to legislate the time-honored winter tradition, by mandating that kids on sleds or skis wear helmets. Massachusetts Senator Steven Panagiotakos plans...

Will schools across America soon have longer days?

I have not hid my disappointment in the "No Child Left Behind" act in America. It seems as if every teacher I have spoken with about this issue said too much time is being spent "teaching to the test." One middle school principal in Massachusetts is ...

High school mascot gets its own wine

Ooh, Massachusetts. Not satisfied with being difficult to spell, those wacky New Englanders, famous for their tea parties, have gone into the wine business. At least, one local high school mascot has. Anthony's Liquor Mart is selling a wine featuring...

Hug heard around the country: school parent speaks out

Julie Berry is the mother of a child in the same Maynard, Massachusetts kindergarten class where hugging is strictly forbidden. She's written her take on things at Metro West Daily News, and it's a much different view of the so called Hugging Crisis....


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