Forever 21 Launches Maternity Line in States With High Teen Pregnancy Rates

Is Forever 21 marketing its new maternity line to teens? Credit: Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images
Marketing savvy or just a remarkable coincidence? That's what some are wondering about ubiquitous mall clothier Forever 21, which recently launched...

Madonna's Big Move, Adam Sandler, and More - Links We Love

You loaned out your whole maternity wardrobe, but now you're pregnant again. What's the etiquette on asking for maternity hand-me-downs back -- perfectly acceptable or bordering on rude? -- AlphaMom Chocolate shirts? Jeans made out of Easter eggs?...

Maternity wear on the red carpet

I've already raved over Gwyneth Paltrow's gorgeous Balenciaga maternity dress, but she wasn't the only pregnant celebrity on the red carpet last night! How about Rachel Weisz with the hot gold crinkled silk number? I love how it accentuates her secon...


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