Maternity Clothes Must Haves

Tunics, such as this style from Old Navy, are maternity must-haves. Credit:
You're swollen. You're getting bigger by the day. And the last thing you want to do is try on clothes you're going to outgrow practically before you can even ...

Maternity Workout Apparel Fit for 2

Get fit with your little workout partner. Credit: For Two Fitness
If you're exercising for two, you'll love these unique tank tops from For Two Fitness, which couple fun workout phrases with cute line drawings. Our favorite designs are "spin...
If you're exercising for two, you'll love these unique tank tops from For Two Fitness, which couple fun workout phrases with cute line drawings.

Chic, stylish maternity dresses (yes, really!)

Maternity clothes can be a nightmare. Your body is changing, rapidly and dramatically, and in ways you never imagined; getting dressed every morning in something that will still be comfortable at the end of the day is nearly impossible. Everything p...

Kate Moss bribes her daughter to eat her vegetables

Kate Moss seems to have a few tricks up her designer sleeve when it comes to getting her daughter to eat her vegetables. The supermodel tells Glenn O'Brien in September's Interview magazine that she bribes her child into eating the less desirable foo...

Pregnant mannequin is offensive?

I had to re-read this story twice to make sure I didn't miss something, but sadly I didn't. UK Shop-owner Amanda Bere really did remove a pregnant mannequin from the window of her lingerie store because some people found it offensive. Bere opened her...

Tips for telling your boss you're pregnant

I've now had the experience of sharing with two separate bosses the news of my impending joy. No one knew how it would go, regardless of whether it was rehearsed or just seemed like an opportune moment. Reactions vary by person depending on what ki...

The baby doll -- how to look pregnant

Want to look pregnant without all that bothersome morning sickness, weight gain, and child rearing nonsense? Try a "baby doll" dress. This is basically a fitted top part around the breasts with a hanging, tent-like skirt part beginning just below the...

Cut-out fetus maternity wear is kinda gross

At first glance, I thought this was cute. Like, "oh, look at the little fetus outline -- because there's a fetus in her belly, I get it!" Then I looked closer, noticed the scissors, and was a little creeped out. I have no idea what the designer is t...

Maternity Fashion Critique: Going for a night out

Dear Old Navy, Now that there is no smoking in bars and restaurants in Toronto, I like to sneak off for a night out with the girls and pretend I'm not pregnant and exhausted. Just another chick lit heroine like them. The biggest problem? What to wear...

Maternity wear on the red carpet

I've already raved over Gwyneth Paltrow's gorgeous Balenciaga maternity dress, but she wasn't the only pregnant celebrity on the red carpet last night! How about Rachel Weisz with the hot gold crinkled silk number? I love how it accentuates her secon...


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