Kids Breathe Easier on a Starry Night

Star light, star bright, I wish my cold would go away tonight. Credit: Vicks
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using a cool mist humidifier throughout the winter months, to help relieve congestion and coughs for kids. So, why not us...
The Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier projects stars on the ceiling and helps relieve congestion. Sorry, it's for the kids.

Boy, 7, Recovers After Suffering Stroke

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Kids don't have strokes -- at least, that's what the parents of one 7-year-old boy thought until their son collapsed on a New York City playground. Jared Dienst was p...

Blind Boy Uses Sonar to See With His Ears

Lucas Murray is blind, but uses echos to 'see' his surroundings. Credit: Solent / REX / REX USA
A British 7-year-old who was born blind uses a technique similar to that of dolphins and bats to "see" his surroundings. Lucas Murray uses echos to...

Chicken pox vaccine cuts cases by up to 90%

Parents opting out of the chicken pox vaccine in hopes that their child will catch it naturally might find that a difficult thing to accomplish. Since the vaccine was introduced in 1995, chicken pox cases have fallen 57 to 90 percent. Before 1995, sa...

Medical condition or bad behavior?

I heard a theory on the radio the other day that Britney might be experiencing some kind of psychological illness that manifests itself as a "second teenager-hood." Wha? Perhaps, the radio hosts pondered, she is bi-polar. Perhaps she's an alcoholic....


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