Children's Face Paint Recalled Due to Contamination

Contaminated face paints are recalled by FDA. Image:
Memorial Day is a solemn holiday to be sure. The last Monday in May is a time to remember the men and women who have died while in military service. But in true American style, we will c...

Remembering on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, like nearly every since I've known him, my husband will buy a large bunch of flowers. He'll round up our entire, sleepy-eyed family, load us all in the van for a short drive across town to the park with four bridges and three volle...

Camping out at home this weekend? Don't forget the S'Mores!

I'm not really a Great Outdoors kind of girl; I'm more of an Air Conditioning and Running Water type. But while I don't love camping, I DO love S'Mores (really who DOESN'T?) so you can imagine my delight at learning that I can make them right in my o...

Moviefone's list of summer flicks for the whole family

After a long and EXTREMELY snowy winter (at least up here in the northern latitudes) everyone gets a little punch drunk at the thought of summer. Cook outs! Camping! Bike rides! Hiking! Bare feet without fear of frostbite!!! But what about those day...

Summer's here, so stock up on popsicles

My five-year-old is a popsicle connoisseur; he has opinions on everything from the color and texture to the flavor and packaging. When the warm weather returns, he will announce solemnly, "It's popscle time, Mama," and remind me to add them to the gr...

Memorial Day and the Golden Gate National Cemetery

We live near the Golden Gate National Cemetery, a site where thousands of American military heroes are buried. My father is among them. Despite never having seen combat, having spent only a couple years pushing papers in Northern California at the en...


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