Michael Jackson's Kids: Surprisingly Nice, Normal

Michael Jackson's children talk about their new lives and their time spent with their late father. Credit: AP With the King of Pop for a dad and names like Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket, you might expect Michael Jackson's kids to h...With the King of Pop for a dad and names like Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket, you might expect Michael Jackson's kids to have personalities that match their unconventional monikers.

Michael Jackson Auditorium? Sure, Says Victims Group, Right Next to the Hannibal Lechter Cafeteria

In this Dec. 3, 1984 file photo, Michael Jackson performs with his brothers at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Credit: Doug Pizac/AP
Gee, while we're at it, how about adding a Jack the Ripper wing to the women's health center? It would be a dandy ...
School officials, parents say they have no problem with auditorium being named after Michael Jackson.

Beyond Grandparents Day, the Legal Battle for Grandparent Rights Continues

Grandparents Day is supposed to be joyous, yet some are locked in visitation battles that last for years. Credit: jupiterimages
Richard Victor was three years out of law school when he heard a story about a grandmother being denied visits with...
Richard Victor was three years out of law school when he heard a story about a grandmother being denied visits with her grandchildren after her daughter died of cancer. It was the 1970's and the young lawyer couldn't help but think about how one day his own family, or any other, for that matter, could be affected by a similar fate.

Is Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Still Scary?

Do Michael Jackson's living dead still scare you? Credit: Getty Images
Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video debuted in 1982, and has been mesmerizing viewers ever since with its vision of werewolves and zombies. The dancing undead are pretty darn...

Judge Finds Michael Jackson's Kids Doing 'Wonderfully'

Michael Jackson's children at the pop singer's memorial service July 7 in Los Angeles. From left, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, Prince Michael "Blanket" Jackson II and Prince Michael Jackson I. Credit: Gabriel Bouys, AFP / Getty Images
While m...

Grandparent Rights - Grandparents Day Emerges

During the same year Victor was fighting for grandparents' rights in Michigan, a West Virginia housewife named Marian McQuade decided it was time to honor the elderly living in nursing homes and encourage grandchildren to seek the wisdom of the senio...

Grandparent Rights - State-by-State Rulings

States differ on their criteria for granting grandparents visitation and the National Committee of Grandparents for Children's Rights keeps track of state rulings on the issue, which is summarized here. Since 2001, several states have ruled on the is...

Grandparent Rights in the Spotlight

Michael Jackson's untimely death that led to his 79-year-old mother, Katherine Jackson, being granted full custody of his three children has brought the grandparent rights controversy to a national level. Questions surrounding the decision, whic...

Grandparent Rights - The Legacy of Troxel v. Granville

If grandparents in traditional families sometimes feel neglected, those who are part of troubled family units suffer even more so. Amy Goyer, grandparenting and family columnist for the AARP, told ParentDish that divorce is not the only factor heatin...

Halloween Thriller: Officially Licensed Michael Jackson Costumes

Watch for the King of Pop to come trick-or-treating this Halloween. Credit: Getty Images
Off the wall numbers in lookalikes expected. October 31st may be Michael Jackson's biggest comeback ever. If you look at the Man in the Mirror and se...

Have You Named a Guardian for Your Child?

Who would care for your child if you weren't here? Image: sxc.hu
It's a subject no parent wants to think about: Who would care for my child if something happened to me? It is painful to imagine your kids alone in the world without parents, but as...

Jennifer Hudson, Silver Linings, and Special Needs Bill of Rights - Links We Love

Riding in the back of the station wagon: No longer allowed. Photo: sxc.hu
Parents of kids with special needs now have their own Bill of Rights, thanks to Max's mom Ellen. "We have the right to expect our kids to be seen for who they are as ind...

Michael Jackson May Not Be Kids' Biological Dad

In the latest twist in the Michael Jackson saga, the King of Pop's second ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, has claimed that the late pop icon is not the biological father of her two children, Prince, 12, and Paris, 11, and that the marriage was a sham. She adds...

Michael Jackson - Protective Celebrity Dad or Just Plain Weird?

To say that Michael Jackson is an unusual guy would be an understatement. The Gloved One has been the object of a lot of attention over the past few years and hardly any of it has been positive. But other than that one baby-dangling incident, he has ...

Newsflash: Diaper Genie not so magical

As anyone with children knows, dirty diapers smell worse than anything in the entire world. No kidding, once my dog ate cat poo and then threw it up, and even that did not compare to what it smelled like when my son starting consuming solids on a re...


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