How Important is Middle School?

Middle school is a pivotal time in a student's education, according to Laura Bush. Credit: Getty Images
Former First Lady Laura Bush's new education initiative is aimed squarely at the middle. Middle school, to be precise.
Former first lady Laura Bush says middle school doesn't get enough attention.

Falling in With the Wrong Crowd in Middle School Can Hurt Your Grades, Study Finds

Choosing the right friends -- especially kids who like school -- can improve your child's chances for academic success. Credit: Getty "You mighta heard I run with a dangerous crowd. We ain't too pretty. We ain't too proud. We might b...Choose your friends as if your report card depends on it. It does.

Middle School Bullies More Likely to Use Alcohol, Study Says

Adolescent bullies and victims are more likely to use alcohol than those not involved in bullying. Credit: Corbis
If your child is a bully, now there's another reason -- aside from common sense and decency -- to reign in his aggressive behavior...
Bullies are bellying up to the bottle.

Most Amazing Kids of 2009

Sometimes it feels like the world is just one big bad mess, but then you hear about the little girl who left love notes for her family as she was dying of cancer, or the high school football players that led their blind teammate into the end zone...

Middle Schoolers Face Suspension For Alleged Facebook Threats

Students at a Massachusetts middle school are under investigation after officials discovered a Facebook group threatening a teacher. The group is called "If 1,000 People Join This Group, I'll Slap Mrs. Meyer," referring to Ann Meyer, assistant...

South Dakota Middle Schools Pull Graphic Novel

Credit: Amazon
A school board in South Dakota voted to pull a graphic novel targeted at middle-schoolers from its library shelves, giving teachers access to the book but not students.
Students at two Sioux Falls, S.D. middle schools will no ...

Do Middle Schoolers' Bracelets Show Off More Than Style?

Schools worry that kids are using bracelets to advertise sexual activity. Credit: Jupiterimages
Most parents know that life gets more difficult as the kids get older. But did you know that sex starts as early as middle school? That's what t...

Boys Spike Teacher's Coffee, Send Her to Hospital

At our house, we love a good practical joke. But we also have a rule: It's not really a joke unless everyone is laughing. The idea, of course, is that a prank that hurts someone else isn't really funny ... it's just mean. An Auburn, Washington mid...

Late Start for Sleepy Students

A proposed hour or more delay of school starting time may give kids a better night's sleep and help them remain more alert in the classroom, but it can also wreak havoc on after-school care and programs. The buzz of the alarm clock often comes be...

Girl called racist for wearing Palin T-shirt

Ashleigh Jones got a lot more than she bargained for when she recently donned a "Go, Sarah, Go" T-shirt and wore it to school. The twelve-year-old Florida native was called a racist by her classmates at New Smyrna Beach Middle School. Jones had volu...

How old is too old for trick or treating on Halloween?

My father, who's birthday is on Halloween (lucky guy!) would tell you that you're really never too old to celebrate Halloween. His love for the holiday is probably the reason Halloween is my favorite day of the year. That said, we've all opened ou...

Indiana school bans purses in the classroom

In an effort to keep kids as safe as possible, many schools have banned backpacks in the classroom, forcing students to keep them in their lockers instead. But an Indiana high school is taking that idea one step further, telling female students that ...

Riding the subway - to school?

How do your kids get to school? How did you get to school when you were a kid? Taking the yellow school bus, walking or riding a bike may all seem like normal methods of getting to school. In the modern world, we drive and carpool as well. But what ...

PD*Poll: How big a deal should we make of eighth grade graduation?

In a time when American schools seem to be failing students in so many ways, celebrating the students who finish and graduate would appear to be a good thing. After all, as parents we all know that positive reinforcement is the key to raising success...

Teacher accused of being a wizard

One of my favorite teachers back in high school was Mr. Dorchester. He was a little quirky and absentminded, but he made studying history fun. He was a new-agey kind of guy who often drifted off subject with incredible tales of his own travels and ex...


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