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Grandparents have their own lives, and sometimes it doesn't include their grandkids. CREDIT: Mee Lin Woon, sxc.hu
It might be summer, but in the northern states, there hasn't been a lot of beach weather this year. Here's how to handle a summer b...

Minnie Driver shows off her son on MySpace

There's a new trend among Hollywood parents -- no, not twins, silly! I'm talking about the decision not to sell photos of the new baby to a magazine or tabloid. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban said no thanks to some big offers, and Halle Berry passed a...

Minnie Driver is a mommy!

Ladies and gentlemen, Minnie Driver has finally had her baby. After what seemed like an endless pregnancy, and one surrounded by mystery, the Circle of Friends star has given birth to a baby boy. First time mom Driver chose to forgo finding out the ...

Minnie Driver set to be a chubby mommy

For someone who had little to say about her pregnancy, Minnie Driver is certainly opening up these days. She won't reveal the name of the baby's father and she has no plans on finding out the baby's sex before the big day, but she has a lot to say...

Driver prepares for single motherhood

Minnie Driver may want to give Bridget Moynahan a call. Ms. Moynahan has experience in something Minnie thinks she may be taking on pretty soon: single motherhood. The actress, who is expecting any day now, says she isn't certain whether or not she'...

Driver keeps mum on baby's sex, daddy

Actress Minnie Driver is refusing to play the Hollywood game with her pregnancy. Unlike some stars, who finally give in the the pressure of the media, Driver is refusing to comment on the sex of her baby. She's also sticking to her guns and not ...

Minnie Driver's baby's father revealed

The father of Minnie Driver's mystery baby has been revealed! According to Life and Style magazine, The Riches actress has been quietly dating musician Craig Zolezzi for about a year, and he is the father of her child. Minnie's baby is due in Augu...

Minnie Driver pregnant

Minnie Driver is taking cues from other celebrity moms, revealing she's pregnant after a crack about her weight (like Lisa Marie Presley), making the announcement on late night TV (like Britney did when she was expecting Jayden James), and is keeping...

Minnie Driver pregnant?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, according to the world wide web, yet another celebrity is pregnant. This time it's good time gal Minnie Driver. Well, she seems like she'd be fun to me. The media, per se, hasn't mentioned anything about Minnie having a ...


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