Mom Imagines Baby's Dream World in Mila's Daydreams Blog

Sweet dreams, baby. Credit: Getty Images
What new parents haven't wondered what their precious little bundle was dreaming about when in the kind of deep slumber only a baby can sleep? The seriously creative Adele Enerson, an advertising copy...

Dooce Talks HGTV With ParentDish

Dooce is headed to HGTV. Credit: Heather Armstrong
Heather B. Armstrong, known online as Dooce, is on a roll. Since she began blogging in 2001, traffic to her site has skyrocketed, leading to a New York Times bestseller and now... a TV deal. ...

Postcards from four years old: how life has changed

I clicked on someone's blog tonight, a mom who lives near me. She was feeling mom-ed out, ready to re-realize herself as not just a mommy blogger. I respect her and love her and even relate to where she is as a mom but: not me. A few clicks later I ...

Blogging Baby Sleepover for Friday October 6

I am on the West Coast at the moment, after Rob encouraged me to take Nolan and visit my brother and parents for the (Canadian) Thanksgiving Weekend. It is lovely as always but my Mom has endless jars of wrapped toffee and cups of steaming tea with h...

Baby Books: does anyone still do this?

Prior to joining Blogging Baby, I did an interview with Stefania Butler where I said that "Mommy/Daddy Blogging was the new baby book."  Recently, I attended a baby shower where the guest of honor received a baby book as a gift -- and ...


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