Dooce Talks HGTV With ParentDish

Dooce is headed to HGTV. Credit: Heather Armstrong
Heather B. Armstrong, known online as Dooce, is on a roll. Since she began blogging in 2001, traffic to her site has skyrocketed, leading to a New York Times bestseller and now... a TV deal. ...

A Little More: Different and the same

I have a memory from when the twins were about 2-years-old--I was past the intense worry of any relapse that would send us back to the NICU, and I'd finished reading everything I could find about Down syndrome. I began to poke my head up and look a...

Postcards from four years old: how life has changed

I clicked on someone's blog tonight, a mom who lives near me. She was feeling mom-ed out, ready to re-realize herself as not just a mommy blogger. I respect her and love her and even relate to where she is as a mom but: not me. A few clicks later I ...


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