Forget Mommy Brain, New Motherhood Boosts Your Brain Power

Your brain is swelling with happiness. Credit: Getty Images
Once upon a time, moms were told -- and they believed -- having a baby meant losing brain cells in the delivery room.
Well, cast aside conventional thinking that suggests "mommy brai...
Well, look at the big brain on Mom. We always suspected the results of this study to be true.

Mommy Brain, Ana Ortiz, and Freezer Pleasers - Links We Love

"Ugly Betty" star Ana Ortiz welcomes a daughter. Photo:
Got a case of Mommy Brain? You aren't alone -- moms often complain of forgetfulness during pregnancy or immediately after. The Cradle has tips for dealing with this sometimes f...

Mommy Brain, Ivy and Bean, and Girl Scout Cookies - Links We Love

It's a confounding phenomenon: Once you have kids, it's like you suddenly can't hold all the information you need in your head anymore. Some people call it Mommy Brain, but I prefer the term Momnesia. -- The Mommy Blog Childhood is far too short. ...

Making babies makes you smarter

Want to get smarter? Have a kid. The human brain makes new cells constantly over a lifetime, but the cells are most likely to survive and flourish when challenged with emotional and novel experiences. Scientists now say that parenthood provides the p...

Brain power boosted by having babies, say Virginia researchers

Pregnancy boosts brain power. That's the word coming from two Virginia researchers, Craig Kinsley of Richmond University, and Kelly Lambert of Randolph-Macon College. During pregnancy, they say, learning and memory skills actually increase, and right...


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