Annoying Toys: The Gift of Giving Parents ... a Headache

Whether it is deliberate gift-wrapped revenge or a well-meant mistake, kids are often the recipients of Christmas presents their parents would rather they did not receive. You know, those gifts that mysteriously disappear as soon as the kids go back ...

Toys R Us 2007 best summer toys list

I have a friend who sometimes takes her 5 year old twin boys to Toys R Us just for fun. They don't buy anything, they just look and play with the toys. I could never do this with Ellie. We rarely set foot in that store because she becomes so filled w...

Moon Sand, good indoor fun

My daughter is a sucker for any sort of toy advertised on the Disney channel. Her favorites are the ones not available in stores and that if we order them in the next ten minutes, we are assured of receiving twice as many toys for just an additional ...


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